Hello! My name is LordWotton and I’m the RIOT Stake Pools Operator! I’m italian and a Cardano stakeholder since 2017 and a big fan of this project! I started getting involved with Cardano in 2017 and in Summer 2019 I started being interested more about the RUST node. My stake pools VAULT and APEX were among the first ones producing blocks on the Incentivized Testnet (since Epoch 1, on Dec 14th 2019) and they had great statistics and results during the Incentivized Testnets. For the Shelley mainnet launch I decided to open just 1 pool (RIOT, the current one), to support Cardano’s decentralization.

Beside running the stake pools, I’m active daily on Cardano’s Telegram Channels to help other people and get in touch with other operators or stakeholders. To try to give something back to this wonderful community I also started translating Cardano related articles in Italian and I’m currently at over 300 articles translated. For the last 2 years I’ve been the Cardano Forum’s users with more posts created. With 2 SPOs friends we also created “Cardano Italy” the official italian telegram channel, where I’m moderator and active daily.