Good question, we think there are many reasons:

  • The first one is that we’re one of the first stake pools created in the ITN and one of the best performant ones. Our pool it’s online since December, 2019 without any downtimes. This means we’ve already proved to have the needed expertize in managing a Stake Pool and the right committment to do it during a long timeframe. This alone should tell you a lot about us!
  • Second, we have a good amount of Ada to put in pledge. More pledge means more committment and skin in the game by my side as I need to lock my Ada, but this also means higher rewards for stakeholders like you!
  • We’re well-known and active in the community! Our pools are run by a Cardano Ambassador: while this doesn’t means anything about performances, it’s a sign that we’re fans of the Cardano project just like you, and we have the same interest in the success of this project! As Ambassador I translate Cardano related articles in Italian, my home language. I’m also active daily on the official Telegram Channels to help Ada holders or other Stake Pool operators! Also, delegating to a known Stake Pool reduce the possibility of malicious behaviours, as a known pool won’t risk his name for some little gains!
  • We have a Telegram support group with lots of great delegators willing to help each other or just enjoy daily updates on the pool status and performances. Feel free to join us!