That’s an interesting question! First of all you have to realize that there are many ways of running a stake pool: you can run one on an old laptop in your basement with Core Node and Relays on the same machine, or you can run it professionally like I do, with separate dedicated servers hosted in modern and secure datacenters that are very well connected with the backbone via multiple fiber lines! This alone increase the costs a lot and that’s why our taxes aren’t the cheapest around.

Connected with this there is the time and effort spent on giving a solid and lasting service to our delegators. I’ve run my stake pool since September, 2019 before the ITN, testing all the nnode pre-releases andspending days and nights to improve and refine everything I could. Lastly, I put as pledge a significant amount of Ada, that are locked to ensure that our delegators can receive the best rewards!

We’re here for the long run, thus the stake pools needs to be economically sustainable. We’ll try to keep the fees as low as we can, but the quality of our service will always be our first priority. The pool it’s currently at more than 2 years without any downtime, this alone should tell you something.